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AhsayCBS v
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Until 30-Nov-2017

AhsayCBS v

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  • Upgrade from AhsayOBS / AhsayRPS / AhsayRDR v6 to AhsayCBS v7 requires additional AhsayCBS license, and AhsayCBS Redirection Module license if replication is needed. Besides, the pricing for AhsayOBM, AhsayACB, AhsayCBS Replication Module, and AhsayCBS Redirection Module in v7 is Per Device basis. To calculate the additional AhsayOBM license required by your existing AhsayOBS key after upgrade, please use this calculator: If you require any assistance in cost calculation, click here to contact our sales.
  • Before you upgrade from version 6.x, read the Differences Between v6 and v7, and v6 to v7 Upgrade Checklist
  • If you are using a version previous to this latest v7 release, we strongly suggest you upgrade to this version as it contains many critical bug fixes as well as new enhancements that are listed in the Release Notes. Before upgrade, please read the AhsayCBS Upgrade/Migration Guide, and the "Limitation / Known issue of this version" listed in the Release Notes.

Notice to existing partners: As part of our continuing efforts to simplify and streamline the deployment of AhsayCBS installations on Microsoft Windows platform, we have introduced enhancements to the cbs-win.exe installer starting from v7.11.0.0 to improve the user experience.
To ensure all customers benefit from this improvement, the file has been removed from the download page. If customers still require file, for example the installation/upgrade of multiple AhsayCBS instances on a single backup server, please contact Technical Support for further assistance and describe your need for the ZIP file.

New Installation / Upgrade: Windows

New Installation / Upgrade: Linux

Download Upgrade/Migration Guide
Best Practice for AhsayOBS to AhsayCBS Upgrade and Data Migration
Differences Between v6 & v7
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Administrator's Guide
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