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Enjoy More Discount as Our Partnership Grows

In order to show appreciation to our loyal partners, we would like to give back and provide a program that will provide you with further discounts as you grow with Ahsay.

Program Details

(Effective from 1st December 2015)

As a loyal partner, you will enjoy:


    on Maintenance and Upgrades


    On Professional Services


    in conjunction with Ahsay Promotions

This Loyalty Program has been specially tailored for our Existing Partners who has joined Ahsay for at least 3 years to qualify as a Loyalty Program Partner. The longer you have been an Ahsay partner, the larger the savings you will enjoy with Ahsay.

Please refer to the table for details:

Length of Partnership Partner Status Partner Discount
< 3 years NA 0%
3 - 6 years 5%
7 - 9 years 10%
10 - 12 years 15%
> 12 years 20%